As a Doula I want provide information to ensure woman feel confident and empowered even with c-section. In our area we have lots of lovely home midwives who can help do “birth unpacking”. In our area the lovely “sunae Reilly” who is a home midwife provides this care for women in the area. I think its important for woman to know its ok to be disappointed about the sugery but also have happiness for there baby. After interviewing a lovely mum from the area and also a fellow doula from the academy, I found it very interesting knowing the things she wishes she was told. Ashleigh told myself that she felt there was a huge expectation on herself to bounce back. She felt no one really educated her on resting post surgery. She also mentioned she expected she would have pain while using the bathroom and gave a tip about rolling up a towel and placing it on the incision site and go to the toilet as you normally would. Another point she made was many woman think you don’t experience post partum bleeding. Which is something I knew but didn’t realise the lack of information out there regarding c-sections.

So after our interview I did some research myself.

After going through a c-section, it is important to remember that it is a major surgery. Something that will take time to heal. Allowing ourselves the time to recover will help with healing. I know, easier said then done when you’re a new mum or a mum at all. But allowing ourselves the time to recover is your best bet.

While in the hospital make your. Newborn your priority. Things like skin to skin, nursing, anything to get that oxytocin flowing. Generally you will be in hospital for 3-5 days post surgery. When returning home its important to feel supported and think of things like

-support, who is your support person and what is there role?

-comfort, feeling comfortable going home and supported to do so

-rest, being able to allow ourselves the time to heal

And also important to be educated on things such as

-anti clot injections

-your first poo

-postnatal contractions

Physically recovering from a c-section will take time. You can ask your midwife or health professional as many questions as you like and generally in our area you can also call the woman’s care unit at any time for the first 6 weeks postpartum. Making sure you use your health professionals and support networks to seek all the help you need is super important. Talk about your experience, be open about how your feeling. As I said its ok to feel as though your disappointed about the surgery but happy about your beautiful bubba. But you may also be thrilled with the outcome and feel empowered. Both emotions are fine, and you should not be ashamed of the outcome of your birthing day. Everyone’s experience in birth is different and no matter the outcome everyone should feel respected.

We are always taught to nourish ourselves during pregnancy and childbirth, but listening to our bosy postpartum is also very important. Its important that we are kind to ourselves moving forward into our next chapter of life and be kind to ourselves. Be proud of how faryou have come in your journey. No matter the outcome.

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