Birth options in NSW

Birth options in NSW and Nothern rivers area

In rural and remote New South Wales, you can often choose the type of health professional or team you would like to care for you during your pregnancy and at the birth. publicly funded midwives who work in a midwifery group practice at local hospitals or health centers. Some public hospital midwifery group practices also offer homebirth services. shared maternity care' involving your doctor and midwives and doctors at a local hospital Or even private practicing midwives who may even be covered with medicare.

In the northern rivers area there are birth houses run by midwives and doulas who can support you through home births, water births ect. These houses are beautiful may i just add and the staff are amazing. After having my son, i attended a few mothers groups which some were in birth houses. Beautifully set up and something i will consider when having my next bub.

Most women aren't given options other then hospitals. There are many hospitals in our area eg Lismore, byron bay, tweed heads, john flynn. Private and public. All in which have great reputations.

There are also options for indiginous and torres strait is;lander women also. Birthing on country is a program that encourages health services to offer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women the chance to have a culturally appropriate birth. That will mean different things to different women in different parts of Australia. Ask your local midwife, Aboriginal health service, hospital, birthing center or primary health network what is available where you live.

My name is Katie Boyd and i am a qualified Doula who has trained at the Doula training academy. If you would like more informations about my services please contact me:

Phone- 0468401067


Instagram- @beyond_birth__


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