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Postnatal Support

prior to choosing a package we will schedule a meet and greet to ensure you are comfortable moving forward and discuss your needs. 
All support packages are free of charge for under 18s

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postnatal packages below + Personalised packages available

Allow yourself to be cared for and supported during such a valuable time. Becoming a mother is such a magical time, but can also be overwhelming. 

These packages are designed to provide support to mothers in the early weeks/months of their postpartum journey. Give yourself the gift of support

~caring for baby while mum has a shower or bath

~feeding support, Breastfeeding or bottle

~sleep tips, learning tired signs and tricks

~learning baby cues

~bathing/soothing tips

~light housework/task you may feel like you haven't had time to do

~emotional support while mum adapts and a pair of ears to listen to how your feeling and any concerns


~special moments photos (you will recive these at the end of your servies) (optional)



package one

~ 1x meet and greet consult (prenatal, ideally before 37 weeks)

~3x postnatal vists, spread over 3 weeks (9hrs of care)

~1x bath jar

~special moment photos, eg breastfeeding, bath, shower photos (optional)



package two

~ 1x meet and greet (prenatal, preferably before 37 weeks) 

~ 15hrs of support spread over 3-5 weeks

~3x norishing meals 

2x bath jars

unlimited phone support

~special moment photos



package three

~ 1x meet and greet (prenatal, preferably before 37 weeks) 

~30hrs of support over 10 visits

~4x norishing meals 

~3x bath jars 

~unlimited phone support 

~ special moment photos


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