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Hi my name is Katie. I live in the northern rivers nsw australia. I am also a mother to a beautiful little boy.

I am an infant sleep consultant 0-5yrs, and a Doula. Before having my son, I was an age care nurse. I worked in this industry for 8 years. I have always had a passion for caring for people.

After having my son, I wish I had the support of a doula. I was very sleep deprived and felt I wasn't the mother I longed to be.

 My focus is the postpartum period. My services include Infant and toddler sleep services and postnatal doula services. I find this to be the time women need the most support, weather it be breastfeeding support, sleep tips, holding baby while mother has a shower, helping with housework or preparing meals. I want to be a supportive person to you to your family during this time. My mission is to provide care that suits your needs and lifestyle, with a loving and supportive approach to care.Please see package details for doula and sleep services. It would be an honour to be apart of your journey

Katie x

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" Katie has been so helpful through the entire process of sleep training our Bub. She has checked in daily and given advise when needed. The improvement we have seen in our sons sleep is amazing and were so grateful! Thankyou Katie"

"Katie really helped me understand age appropriate sleep for my little one, giving heaps of information to start getting his sleep and routine on track. Providing encouragement along the way, answering any questions I had and guiding me when I was unsure. We now have a great bedtime routine and age appropriate sleep windows making it a easier transition. Big thank you"

"Katie was very friendly and professional, she presented all the infomation for sleep training in a way that was very easy to understand, she was also very understanding of my need to use a more hands on settling technique and even sent me an extra email for different tecniques I could use, giving me options I was comfortable with. She explained everything to me in detail and I felt very informed after our consultation. I really like how she was very present for me and very fast to respond when I had any questions. Overall my experience with beyond birth sleep training was extremely pleasant and informative"

"Thankyou Katie! She gave a lot of advise and we took on a few things and made changes. They have made a big difference. Katie didn't pressure us to change anything we didn't want to, but she got us thinking about different techniques and we decided to move our daughter to her own room ( she is 12 months) . This has worked a treat. Thankyou for always checking in and being so helpful"

"Absolutely amazing. We went from up to 6 wakes a night and being rocked to sleep to sleeping through and self settling. Katie helped by giving us the current awake windows for our little girl and accessing our sleep environment and giving tips on what could help. She gave us a plan to move forward with to achieve self settling and supported us the whole way through. Amazing! Couldn't thank enough."




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